HTML5 Doctor CSS Reset

Based on Eric Meyer’s Reset CSS, the HTML5 Reset Stylesheet by aims to provide a basis for any websites making use of the new HTML 5 attributes, while improving in some areas and also removing support for deprecated HTML 4 elements.

Click to jump straight to the code, or keep reading for some explanations and discussion…

What’s New?

The HTML5 Reset Stylesheet begins by removing support for elements that have been deprecated from the

14 thoughts on “HTML5 Doctor CSS Resetadd yours
  1. Going to try it tomorrow first thing. Let you know if it right was I need, thank you!

    • Joss said: #

      It’s a mystery! +(‘~` )+

  2. doxvill said: #

    Why you using body { line-height: 1 }? It makes some space from below in block elements. How can I fix it?

  3. vinngn said: #

    Great! We should have the minified version on CDN.

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