CSS Tools: CSS Typeset

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CSS Typeset is a great tool for anyone learning CSS, and it can be a fun tool for experienced developers to use to play around with text and font rules to experiment with ideas and inspirations for future projects. The typeset, [...]

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CSS Tips: Outline vs. Border

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In CSS3, an outline is a line that’s drawn around the outside of an element. Outlines are essentially the exact same thing as borders, they even have the same syntax in your CSS, but they differ in their placement. Borders [...]

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Using CSS’s Attribute Selectors

Did you know that in CSS, you can select elements based on their attribute or attribute values? This is a super useful way to select specific elements that have no class or ID distinctions but have attribute values, or to [...]

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How to Use Google Fonts

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Google Fonts‘ extensive collection of font styles is an invaluable tool for front-end web developers and designers. Not only does it host hundreds of different fonts available for anyone to use, but most of the fonts also include options for [...]

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