CSS3′s Justify-Content Property

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CSS3′s justify-content property is a really useful way to make space around the items within an element that has been defined as a flexible container.  Basically, it tells the elements within the flex container how much space should appear between [...]

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Using Pseudo-Selectors to Style Links

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CSS3 allows for various different pseudo-selectors to be applied to anchor tags in order to style links at various different stages of use or activity. The pseudo-selectors that are often applied to links are:

:link – applies to links that have [...]

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How to Clear Floats

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Floats are a useful tool for web developers. They’re so helpful in structuring pages and positioning items. But if they’re used incorrectly, they can also wreak havoc on the structure of the page/on the items surrounding the float. That’s why it’s [...]

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