8 Patterned CSS Code Snippets

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One cool way to use CSS is to create colorful repeating patterns. These patterns can be used as background images for entire pages or for certain block-level elements. These CSS creations can be anything from familiar patterns, like plaid or [...]

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CSS3′s Border-Width Property

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CSS’s border property is probably most often written out in the border shorthand, meaning that the one “border” property covers values for the border-width, border-color, and border-style properties. Because of this, many beginner developers might not know everything that the [...]

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Top 9 CSS Snippets of Cats

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If you spend any time on the internet, then you probably know that the internet is obsessed with cats. Cat videos, cat images, cat memes…they’re everywhere. If you want to contribute your part to the world wide web’s cat obsession, [...]

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