Top 9 CSS Snippets of Cats

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If you spend any time on the internet, then you probably know that the internet is obsessed with cats. Cat videos, cat images, cat memes…they’re everywhere. If you want to contribute your part to the world wide web’s cat obsession, [...]

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How to Create a CSS Code Snippet

Code snippets are free chunks of code that can be used by any developer to add certain features, functionalities, or styles to a project. Code snippets are typically open source, meaning anyone can not only use them, but also change [...]

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Trendy Free Fonts for 2017

It’s 2017 and if your site still uses Open Sans, you might be behind the times. For some projects, trendy design isn’t super important. But if you want your brand to reflect that you’re on top of latest trends, it’s [...]

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5 Best Sites for CSS Snippets

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As a developer or designer, CSS snippets can be both creatively inspiring and a huge time saver. With snippets, you can easily add cool effects to your projects without having to write the code from scratch. The best thing about [...]

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CSS Snippets: Folded Text Effect

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.28.02 AM

Text effects are one of the most fun ways that you can play around with CSS to change the appearance of standard HTML tags. In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to use the text shadow and transform properties to create [...]

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7 CSS Snippets for Food Lovers

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 9.54.54 AM

One of the most fun ways to use CSS is to create a delicious looking representation of your favorite types of food. If you’ve never seen this done before, you might be surprised at the amount of versatility that CSS [...]

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Border-Radius Forward Slash Syntax

We’ve already covered how to use CSS3′s border-radius property,  but what we haven’t covered is how to use a particular syntax when defining your border-radius values. If you’re a practiced web developer, you may have come across instances of the [...]

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