CSS Tips: Outline vs. Border

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In CSS3, an outline is a line that’s drawn around the outside of an element. Outlines are essentially the exact same thing as borders, they even have the same syntax in your CSS, but they differ in their placement. Borders [...]

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Aligning Images: A Guide

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There are a lot of different techniques that will allow you to align images, both HTML and CSS techniques, but one of the easiest ways to align an image to the left or right of a page or element is [...]

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CSS3′s Justify-Content Property

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CSS3′s justify-content property is a really useful way to make space around the items within an element that has been defined as a flexible container.  Basically, it tells the elements within the flex container how much space should appear between [...]

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When to Use CSS !important

Despite the fact that it’s widely used, applying CSS3′s !important declaration to your stylesheets isn’t considered to be a best practice. The !important declaration is typically used to override style rules that are defined elsewhere in the CSS. For example, [...]

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CSS Border-Radius Property

The CSS border-radius property can be used to give HTML elements rounded corners. Most commonly, the property is seen using only one value, but it actually will take up to four values.

Assigning one value to the border-radius property will apply [...]

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